4 July 2019

Lignano Noir 2019

50th anniversary of the death of Giorgio Scerbanenco

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the writer Giorgio Scerbanenco, recognized master of noir, who decided to establish his residence and his place of inspiration in Lignano Sabbiadoro.


The Lignano Noir Festival 2019 is dedicated to him, offering various cultural events throughout the summer:

- author meetings with contemporary writers who wisely express the yellow-noir genre with different styles, themes and outcomes

- opportunities for in-depth study of authors and themes, through authoritative voices from the academic world and literary criticism, that will allow the public to explore the world of writing, cinema and theater.


Moreover, together with Cecilia Scerbanenco, there will also be the opportunity to "investigate" among the autographs, the original editions and objects belonging to the writer, kept in the archive of the municipal library.

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